About us

The Nickel Mine is the first US project of MST Hospitality Group. The Nickel Mine is a philosophy of loving food, everything beautiful, delicious and delightful, but more importantly – a philosophy of loving people. It is the philosophy that makes all our bars and restaurants exceptional.

Our every bar is very different, unique, yet recognizable all together. We opened The Nickel Mine in West Los Angeles in 2016, bringing life back to this gorgeous neighborhood. We created every single project - from a huge restaurant to a small local bar - investing a lot of soul, ideas, inspiration and talent. Talking of which, all the places are created by a hardworking and talented team - for all the people to feel free and happy. A bar or a restaurant can be very fancy or down to earth, but the most valuable thing about it is a scent of comfort and excitement, the atmosphere inside, which is created by a mystical set of ingredients - location, concept, food, interiors, people and genuine passion for excellent service. Dim lighting, dark wood, leather sofas, and exposed brick make our relaxed and refined bar feel a world away from the big city.